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As requested by [ profile] lilithilien. ^_^

You might ask why CSS matters -- the reason is that lots of journaling systems will not let you access your theme layer unless you have a paid account. However, the CSS is open to all accounts, so this is a way to customize your journal without incurring any extra costs.

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This is meant to be a real quick and dirty tutorial on how to use my Mendhi Design Brush Set

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This tutorial is basically just about how to use the custom warp tool in Photoshop. I have PSP 11, and I hunted around in there to see if it would work, but I don't know this program very well, so while I didn't see a way to do it, that doesn't mean it can't be done.

So . . . apply this texture to this icon

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Make your own custom filmstrip like this one. Made with PS CS2, I don't know if it's translatable to other programs. I know it won't work in PS Elements. Or . . . not very easily. Makes use of the pen tool.

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How to make the confetti in this icon . . .

For PS CS2.

This is pretty much just an adaptation of [ profile] awmpdotnet's tutorial for falling snow.

So go there, and do every thing she says, except when it comes time to paint the snow, do this instead:

1) Choose a square brush, 5px.

2) Change the brush settings:
brush tip shape: spacing = 500%
shape dynamics: size jitter = 100%, angle jitter = 15% (my setting, you can do more if you like)
scattering: scatter = 1000%, count = 3

3) Then paint wherever you want to the confetti to be. Make sure none of the squares get cut off, cause that'll look weird.

4) ctrl + click your confetti layer to select all the little squares, then make a new layer.

5) Apply any gradient of your choosing to the new layer. I picked a default rainbow. Because you selected only the squares you painted the gradient will go only on them. Merge that layer down on to the brush layer.

6) Make a new layer, and change your brush tip size to 3. Again paint with the white and then apply the gradient as you did for the large brush layer.

At this point go back to awmpdotnet's tutorial and carry on with the rest of the instructions.

(The font I used is "Beyond Wonderland" and the pic is a stock photo of a snowy mountain that I colored to make it look like night.)
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This is for the use of those of us who have Photoshop Elements, so can't get the benefit of either curves or the color balance commands in many tutorials. But we do have levels and that's what this tut is about. I have Elements 4.0.

Turning this screen shot into this icon:

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