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'Unexpected Song' Art Post

I claimed this story at the last minute, but I really enjoyed working on this story by [ profile] taleweaver. Unexpected Song is a really nice romance that will lift your spirits so go have a read!

(And from a graphics standpoint, it was nice to work with a canon couple, so there were plenty of resources!)

Main wallpaper - The jumping off point for this design was the 'Welcome to Las Vegas' sign. The colors and style of the wallpaper reference that. Title art done with Illustrator (I'm getting better with that).

Click for full size.

Soundtrack cover - my author liked a previous soundtrack cover that I had done with a mixture of fonts, so I used the same technique here, with appropriate fonts.

Title banner - inspired by the neon lights of Las Vegas

Icons & Divider

Scraps - Rachel's dress, which was designed based on a really cute dress that Lea Michelle wore to the Teen Choice Awards, but then I decided to focus on their faces instead, so the dress got scrapped. Also, a partial painting of the Vegas skyline that wasn't fitting in with the vector feel of the main art work, so I ditched it and went with the silhouette skyline that you see instead. If I had more time, I might have done more with this because I really liked the colors I had going.

Tools: Illustrator, Photoshop, Bamboo tablet
Fonts: Cairo, Blackjack, Nashville, Wisdom Script, Angel Tears, Duality, Anderson Four Feathers Fall, This Is Not Goodbye

Sources, References, and Inspiration
Vectors - Vecteezy
Rachel & Finn - Fanpop
Various Las Vegas skyline pictures

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