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The Hessian of the Hollow - Art Post

When I thought about my claim this year, I wanted something that as a gen case-fic or something in the vein of the first few seasons. No myth arc or angels. I found exactly what I was looking for in [ profile] jedisapphire’s spooky tale, The Hessian of the Hollow. The art below isn’t spoilery for the fic, but do read the story if you love classic Supernatural.

Thanks as always to [ profile] wendy for herding this mess, and to [ profile] uisgich for being a sounding board and cheerleader.


Title graphics - I knew right away after reading the story that I wanted to put the title on a tombstone. Colonial tombstones were amazing, check the links below.

Main Illustration - the iconic scene where Dean and Sam encounter the Hessian.

Click for full

Quick sketch - my preferred method of reading my claimed Big Bang story is on my iPad with a sketch app open so I can capture my first impressions as I read. This was what later became the main picture.

Paper53, Bamboo stylus, Photoshop




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