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Lonely I Trust

Story Title: Phantom Pain by [ profile] strangeallure. The author digs into Sam's head when he's still tormented by visions of Lucifer and shows what irrational lengths Sam will go to when he's not in his right mind. Fusion with Grimm featuring Jarold and Carly Kampfer.

Many thanks as always to [ profile] uisgich for hand holding and critical feedback.

Main wallpaper and original prompt piece (with added Sam):

Click for bigger.

I love the name of the cafe where Sam first spotted Jarold and Carly, so here is the sign for it.

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I told you this before, but here it goes again: I really like the atmosphere of the place, that it's not a Starbucks clone. Carly and Sam are great, too, their posture very natural, but Jarold is my favorite. His quiet kindness really does shine through.

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Great art!

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Great piece! Your clothes wrinkles are awesome! I know, that's a strange thing to I have a problem with those so tend to notice everyones!
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OOh, I like the warped perspective in the first drawing; it's makes for a mesmerizing image:) The design for the Cat's Cafe is awesome and that's an excellent font; the little claws on the letters are very fitting!